Homage to Enrico Caruso (25/02/1873 - 02/08/1921)

Young CarusoThis is a non-profit homepage created as a post mortem tribute to the legendary Neapolitan singer and opera star Enrico Caruso who, with his voice, empathy, charisma and gramophone recordings, contributed to making opera known and loved in the world in the beginning of the past century.

When I say non-profit website, that's exactly what this is: No banners, no selling, no adds, no fees, no links that I make money on when clicked, no hidden agenda.

So why on earth spend hundred of hours, as I have, developing this site? Very simple... I want to share the beauty of Caruso's singing with others!

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"Apri la tua finestra (Serenata) "
(Iris - Mascagni, Pietro)
• Recorded 11-04-1902 •
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Caruso's Music

Until now I have uploaded 328 arias/songs (partly in different versions). View/listen to them here.

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Giovanni Martinelli about Caruso:

At a party an overdressed flamboyant woman persisted in demanding answers from Giovanni Martinelli to questions in a loud voice to attract attention. Finally she said, “Come now, Mr. Martinelli, tell us the truth – Caruso was never as good as his press made him to be, is that not the truth.” Martinelli swung around and faced his tormentor. “Madame”, he declared in his accented, but thoroughly accurate English, “Put Gigli, Lauri-Volpi and me together – make us one tenor – and we would not be fit to kiss Caruso’s shoe tops”. “Does that answer you?”