Biographies written about Caruso

Dorothy Caruso (his wife): "Wings of Song - The Story of Caruso" - click here to download as PDF (3.2 mb).

Dorothy Caruso: "Enrico Caruso - His Life and Death" -  may be bought at Amazon - click here.

The book can also be downloaded as PDF here (5.6 mb).

Enrico Caruso Jr (Caruso's "illegitimate" son): "Enrico Caruso: My Father and My Family" - may be bought at Amazon - Click here.

Enrico Caruso Jr: "Enrico Caruso: Aria Collections With Interpretations" - may be bought at Amazon - click here.

Pierre V. R. Key/Bruno Zirato: "Enrico Caruso - A Biography" - may be downloaded as PDF here (5.7 mb).

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"E lucevan le stelle"
(Tosca - Puccini, Giacomo)
• Recorded 06-11-1909 •
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A lovely comment posted by Candy on YouTube:

"Enrico Caruso could take a menu from an Italian restaurant, sing a description of a rigatoni dish, and make it sound like a timeless love song! To hear the words and emotions resonate in his unique voice with its rich, golden sound and vibrant texture is captivating beyond words. His phrasing is unlike any other singer and the sincerity and courageous vulnerability of his singing makes for an ecstatic listening experience."