Biographies written about Caruso

Dorothy Caruso (his wife): "Wings of Song - The Story of Caruso" - click here to download as PDF (3.2 mb).

Dorothy Caruso: "Enrico Caruso - His Life and Death" -  may be bought at Amazon - click here.

The book can also be downloaded as PDF here (5.6 mb).

Enrico Caruso Jr (Caruso's "illegitimate" son): "Enrico Caruso: My Father and My Family" - may be bought at Amazon - Click here.

Enrico Caruso Jr: "Enrico Caruso: Aria Collections With Interpretations" - may be bought at Amazon - click here.

Pierre V. R. Key/Bruno Zirato: "Enrico Caruso - A Biography" - may be downloaded as PDF here (5.7 mb).

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"L'Alba separa dalla luce I'ombra"
(Song in Italian - Tosti, Paolo)
• Recorded 15-04-1917 •
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Henry Pleasants (renowned American music critic):

2 centuries ago, Tosi wrote; "Oh, how great a master is the heart! Confess it my beloved singers, and gratefully own that you would not have arrived at the highest rank if you had not been its scholars. Own that in a few lessons from it, you learned the most beautiful expressions. Own, that heart corrects the defects of nature, - softens a harsh voice, betters an indifferent one, and perfects a good one! When the heart sings you cannot dissemble. Nor has truth a greater power of persuading.."
With Caruso's voice, his heart was little burdened with correcting the defects of nature, softening harshness or bettering indifference. It could concentrate on the perfection of the good. Since his heart was big, and the voice nearly perfect to begin with, the lyrical communication was an unexampled combination of excitement and warmth'. The public was his partner in the fulfillment of a mission, and his role was to give the best, and all of the best that was in him...'