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The famous "Coat Song" - Vecchia zimarra

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"The famous "Coat Song" - Vecchia zimarra "
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• Recorded 23-02-1916 •

La BohŤme (Puccini, Giacomo)

Date of recording: Wednesday, 23/02/1916

During a performance of La Boheme in Philadelphia, Segurola, the basso, who was about to sing the "Coat Song" ("Vecchia Zimarra" from La Boheme), turned to Caruso and whispered "Iíve lost my voice". Caruso replied, "You just stand still and move your lips and Iíll sing it for you". And so, with his back turned to the audience, Caruso sang the aria for Segurola. Segurola then acknowledged the cheers from the audience, who didnít realize that it was Caruso who had done the singing.

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