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Cielo turchino

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"Cielo turchino"
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• Recorded 07-01-1915 •

Neapolitan Song (Ciociano, M.S.)

Date of recording: Thursday, 07/01/1915

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translation from this song
Posted on: 25-06-2012 9:15
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I every time impressed by this song , around 100 years later.Who can tell me the words Caruso is singing. I think to have a religious meaning, but i do not know.
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RE: translation from this song (reply to bas607)
Posted on: 05-07-2012 15:29
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Hi Sebastian. I've tried in vain to find the lyrics. It is a Neapolitan song like "O sole mio", etc. The title translate to Blue Sky. Probably not religious.