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Bella figlia dell'amore (quartet)

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"Bella figlia dell'amore (quartet)"
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• Recorded 25-01-1917 •

Rigoletto (Verdi, Giuseppe)

Date of recording: Thursday, 25/01/1917

With Amelita Galli-Curci, soprano, Flora Perini, mezzo-soprano, Giuseppe De Luca, baritone

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Another tenor
Comparing this presentation
Posted on: 20-12-2011 20:36
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Caruso's phrasing and breath control are unsurpassed.
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Not existing vowels
Posted on: 29-10-2012 8:39
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It sounds strange the insertion of vowel-like sounds in consonant-groups like -nc-, nt- -ns- etc., i.e. (V indicates a vowel epenthesis): ancora becomes anVcora, canto > canVto and consolar > conVsolar. This pronunciation is neither admitted nor appreciated today.
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RE: Comparing this presentation (reply to Another tenor)
Posted on: 25-12-2011 19:38
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Yes, he constantly improved as a singer. Some people only like his early more lyrical recordings. I think he was at his best in the last recordings.