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La Procession

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"La Procession"
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• Recorded 05-02-1916 •

Sacred music (Franck, César )

Date of recording: Saturday, 05/02/1916

"God moves across the fields! By the heath, the meadows, the green beech copices, He comes followed by the people and borne by the priests. With the hymns of man, birds blend your songs! They halt. The crowd 'round an ancient oak tree kneels in adoration beneath the mystical monstrance. Sun! cast upon it your long sunset beams! With the hymns of man, birds blend your songs! You, flowers, with the incense exhale your fragrance! O festival! All is shining, all is prayer, all is fragrance! God moves across the fields, God moves across the fields..."

"Dieu s'avance à travers les champs!
Par les landes, les prés, les verts taillis de hêtres.
Il vient, suivi du peuple et porté par les prêtres:
Aux cantiques de l'homme, oiseaux, mêlez vos chants!
On s'arrête. La foule autour d'un chêne antique
S'incline, en adorant, sous l'ostensoir mystique:
Soleil! darde sur lui tes longs rayons couchants!
Aux cantiques de l'homme, oiseaux, mêlez vos chants!
Vous, fleurs, avec l'encens exhalez votre arôme!
Ô fête! tout reluit, tout prie et tout embaume!
Dieu s'avance à travers les champs,
Dieu s'avance à travers les champs..."

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The 1916 recording
Posted on: 21-02-2012 21:32
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A sublime performance of this wonderful song. A reminder(as if we needed it) that EC was not just a great singer but a great SOUL.

The recording is evidently from a mint pre-electric. EC's very good French is particularly clear - which is a pleasing bonus.

Thank you for adding this on your very excellent and much appreciated website.


Posted by:
RE: The 1916 recording (reply to James)
Posted on: 24-02-2012 16:55
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Thanks, James. You are most welcome. For me Caruso was one of those rare souls/spirits capable of communicating a glimpse of heaven to us mortals.