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Cujus Animam from Rossini's 'Stabat Mater'

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"Cujus Animam from Rossini's 'Stabat Mater'"
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• Recorded 15-12-1913 •

Sacred music (Rossini, Gioacchino )

Date of recording: Monday, 15/12/1913

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that top note
Posted on: 03-06-2020 22:33
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Am I the only listener (I have it on 78) to find that top note uncomfortable? Bjorling manages it. Should Enrico have attempted it?
In Freestone & Drummonds "His Recorded Legacy" the note is described as " probably falsetto" or "white", so perhaps Enrico was tense as he approached it!
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RE: that top note (reply to Pincher)
Posted on: 04-06-2020 9:24
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Enrico was never really comfortable with high notes. Björling had no problems with them, but he was still no Caruso.