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Canta pe´me

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"Canta pe´me"
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• Recorded 26-11-1911 •

Neapolitan Song (De Curtis, Ernesto )

Date of recording: Sunday, 26/11/1911

English Text:

Sing a song for me tonight,
You so beautiful with the golden voice
Sing it to me tonight, so if I die
I die listening to a beautiful song…
Sing a sailor’s serenade…
That hasn’t been sung for a long time…
The sea! So many ships at sea tonight…
But why aren’t you singing? What are you thinking?

Sing: that I may accompany you on the guitar, who knows that tonight one doesn’t awaken love,
unlucky love and a singer
who wants nothing: one heart and a guitar…
Sing, what a beautiful sleeping Naples,
cradle of gold for one who wants to dream
But what are you thinking – so solitary and silent?
But what are you waiting for if you don’t want to sing?

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