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Addio (Goodbye)

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"Addio (Goodbye)"
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• Recorded 29-12-1910 •

Song in Italian (Tosti, Paolo)

Date of recording: Thursday, 29/12/1910

Falling leaf and fading tree,
Lines of white in a sullen sea,
Shadows rising on you and me;
Shadows rising on you and me;
The swallows are making them ready to fly,
Wheeling out on a windy sky.
Goodbye Summer! Goodbye! Goodbye!

Hush! a voice from the far away!
"Listen and learn," it seems to say,
"All the tomorrows shall be as today."
"All the tomorrows shall be as today."
The cord is frayed, the [cruse]1 is dry,
The link must break, and the lamp must die --
Goodbye to Hope! Goodbye! Goodbye!

What are we waiting for? Oh, my heart!
Kiss me straight on the brows! and part again!
Again! my heart! my heart!
What are we waiting for, you and I?
A pleading look, a stifled cry.
Goodbye, forever! Goodbye, forever!
Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!

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