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Tre giorni son che Nina - direct transfer from original 78

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"Tre giorni son che Nina"
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• Recorded 09-09-1919 •

Gli Tre Cicisbei Ridicoli (Ciampi, Vincenzo)

Date of recording: Tuesday, 09/09/1919

I have received a considerable number of direct transfers of original 78 records from a friend. They have been digitized directly from his original 78 records. The recording quality is mostly very good - some unavoidable needle noise is present, of course.

Tre giorni son che Nina is one of the best-known arias of the Italian Baroque. The lyrics refer to the concern of a man for his beloved Nina, who is in bed seriously ill. This is a common topic in the popular music of the period.

Tre giorni son che Nina
In letto se ne sta.
Il sonno l'assassina
Svegliatela, per pietą!

E cimbali e timpani e pifferi,
Svegliatemi Ninetta
Perchč non dorma pił

E mentre il sior dottore
A visitarla va,
Ninetta per amore
In letto se ne sta.


For three days Nina
has stayed in her bed.
The slumber is killing her.
Please waken her!

Cymbals, drums, and shawms,
waken my little Nina,
so she may not sleep any more.

And While the doctor
goes to visit her,
dear Nina, out of love,
stays in her bed.

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