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Ombra mai fu - direct transfer from original 78

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"Ombra mai fu"
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• Recorded 19-01-1920 •

Xerxes (Händel, George)

Date of recording: Monday, 19/01/1920

I have received a considerable number of direct transfers of original 78 records from a friend. They have been digitized directly from his original 78 records. The recording quality is mostly very good - some unavoidable needle noise is present, of course.

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Posted on: 21-05-2011 18:59
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Contemporay or later tenors may have had technically better voices than Caruso, but I have still to hear a voice - and heart - so emotionally expressive as Caruso's.
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Posted on: 21-12-2014 18:34
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Frondi tenere e belle,
del mio platano amato,
per voi risplenda il Fato.
Tuoni, lampi e procelle
non v’oltraggino mai la cara pace
nè giunga a profanarvi mostro rapace.

Ombra mai fu di vegetabile
cara ed amabile soave più.
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RE: Empathy (reply to Tom)
Posted on: 04-04-2014 21:36
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It would be very difficult ( I imgine ) to find a better voice than Caruso's especially after listening to his marvellous rendering of Ombra mai fu. Does he sing Ambra mai fu?. I can only remember Martinelli outsinging him in O tu che in seno, but there we have two outstanding performances.
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RE: Empathy (reply to Tom)
Posted on: 17-03-2019 22:56
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Yes, but you have to remember when he got into recording, he was damaging his voice. How can a man stand the strain of making each fresh record anew?

My daughter and I, she is soprano in training, says that their is a kind of globalization of singing technique atm, which is turning out competent, even moving, but identical sounding women.

This is why I love Pavarotti, because he has a vocal colour of his own. Surely each human voice was and is as unique as the owner. I do hope they don't mediocratize her colour.