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Alerte! Qu vous Ítes perdus! (Prison scene part III)

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"Alerte! Qu vous Ítes perdus! (Prison scene part III)"
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• Recorded 16-01-1910 •

Faust (Gounod, Charles)

Date of recording: Sunday, 16/01/1910

With Geraldine Farrar, soprano; Marcel Journet, bass.

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Ambitious Victor Opera Recordings
Posted on: 12-09-2017 18:18
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January 1910 was an ambitious month for the Victor Company, seeking to emulate the celebrity opera performances at the Met. Getting clear balanced excerpts from the primitive horn equipment was a challenge. Not all of the results were exciting but the final trio from Faust was a triumph. Geraldine Farrar was the star on this one but Caruso and Journet blended well and the end result was a credit to all concerned.