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Oh! mostruosa colpa! Sí, pel ciel (with Titta Ruffo)

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"Oh! mostruosa colpa! Sí, pel ciel (with Titta Ruffo)"
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• Recorded 08-01-1914 •

Otello (Verdi, Giuseppe)

Date of recording: Thursday, 08/01/1914

Two incredible voices !

Caruso rehearsed the role of Otello, but never performed it on stage. There were plans made in the summer of 1921 for him to sing Otello in the coming MET season, but he died in August.

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The King of the tenors along with "La voce del leone"!!
Posted on: 02-02-2011 17:50
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What a duet! What a pity that Caruso has never sang the role on stage!
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Posted on: 12-04-2015 12:28
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This is truly one of the best version ever immortalised on disc. I have heard numerous recordings, but none compare. It may be a little known fact but Caruso recording this duet with Pasquale Amato on November 26, 1911 with Victor (Matrix Number C-11285). It was never released. It would be interesting to know if the original matrix still survives, or if a test copy of the recording is in private hands.
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RE: The King of the tenors along with "La voce del leone"!! (reply to Aetion)
Posted on: 02-02-2011 23:02
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Indeed a pity! He would have been perfect for Otello. And also a shame that Caruso didn't record more arias/duets with Ruffo !