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Vaghissima sembianza (digital remastering)

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"Vaghissima sembianza"
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• Recorded 15-09-1920 •

Neapolitan Song (Donaudy, Alberto )

Date of recording: Wednesday, 15/09/1920

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Vaghissima sembianza spoiled
Posted on: 28-11-2018 21:02
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Many of the digital re-recordings with a modern orchestra can be considered as successful but this one can not. The voice on this recording has lost the velvet tone which Caruso could still produce at the end of his recording career. The original acoustic disk, despite its muddy accompaniment, is infinitely preferable to the hard tone of the voice on the digital product.
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RE: Vaghissima sembianza spoiled
Posted on: 29-11-2018 11:48
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That is true.