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Salut, demeure chaste et pure

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"Salut, demeure chaste et pure"
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• Recorded 11-02-1906 •

Faust (Gounod, Charles)

Date of recording: Sunday, 11/02/1906

Recorded in New York with orchestra.

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aria and homepage
Posted on: 19-01-2011 13:09
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Certainly a remarkable performance (one of the best I've heard, at least), yet I would claim that Di Stefano's version of this aria is unrivalled.
By the way: Congratulations on the magnificent homepage (glad I've found it because much of the Caruso stuff on youtube cannot be watched from my country, apparently for legal reasons)
Best regards,
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RE: aria and homepage (reply to alexantonio)
Posted on: 19-01-2011 20:57
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Di Stefano's version of this beautiful aria is "out of this world" (just listened to it on YouTube).
Isn't it just great that we are able to hear these exceptional voices !
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RE: RE: aria and homepage (reply to alexantonio) (reply to Tom)
Posted on: 09-09-2012 18:29
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I couldn't agree with you more .It is almost beyond imagination that at the press of a keyboard we can produce out of the stratosphere the most stunning performances from well over 100 years of operatic recordings and make comparisons,between voices.Whilst I don't agree with this latter practice, as often there are 40 or 50 years between performances as in the example of Caruso's 1906 recording and Di Stefano's 1949 recording,it is wonderful to have the option of passing judgement.We must not overlook performances by Corelli and Jussi Bjorling of this particular Gounod Aria,too.
I am content to close my eyes and luxuriate in all their divine voices.I would like to hear William Mateuzzi sing Salut Demeure.