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Dai campi, dai prati

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"Dai campi, dai prati"
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• Recorded 11-04-1902 •

Mefistofele (Boito, Arrigo)

Date of recording: Friday, 11/04/1902

Part of the first ever recording session at the Grand Hotel in Milan. With piano accompaniment by Salvatore Cottone.

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Dai campi, dai prati
Posted on: 23-12-2015 14:18
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This is from Caruso's best voice period. Glowing, powerful but mellow, and absolute tenor timbre! Yes, here he is at his prime as a singer, and this voice is what made the whole world love him. Really - listen to the high C in the end of the aria: More brilliantly it can't be sung. Later Caruso became a more mature opera artist, formed his voice to the role he performed. But his pure voice was on top in 1902. As said, mellow, but powerfully brightly shining - in one word: velvet!