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'A Vucchella (A Sweet Mouth) (digital remastering)

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"'A Vucchella (A Sweet Mouth)"
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• Recorded 08-09-1919 •

Neapolitan Song (Tosti, Paolo)

Date of recording: Monday, 08/09/1919

English translation:

Yes, like a little flower,
You have got a sweet mouth
A little bit

Please give it to me
it's like a little rose
Give me a little kiss,
give, Cannetella!

Give one and take one,
a kiss as little
as your mouth

which looks like a little rose
a little bit

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This one really works
Posted on: 07-04-2013 2:54
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I am not always a fan of sparking up some of Caruso's recordings. For many times it sound rather stupid to be honest. But this recording does it. One can almost say that Caruso is in the room with the orchestra. This recording also has a special place for me as I know about it from E.C.Jr. So I have a warm place for it and I am happy to see it work as well as it does. I even used this recording with some students to show off some styles of music. I never said that the singer was dead 90 years. Most people there took it as a modern recording. which it is, sort of. But of all the re recording made in 2000 thru 2006 with the Vienna Symphony this is one of the best. I wish all the others were as good. So I think I will listen to it again and remember it is indeed from 1919! I guess it is a little back to the future.