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A Dream

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"A Dream"
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• Recorded 16-09-1920 •

Song in English (Bartlett, James Carroll)

Date of recording: Thursday, 16/09/1920

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Alan Michael
A Dream in English
Posted on: 16-02-2014 6:23
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Fantastic and I doubt if Mario Lanza would have recorded it any better even with Constantine Callincos and Ray Sinatra thrown in. I feel that if Enrico Caruso had lived on longer: he would have steered Mario into the right direction and a better Mario Lanza would have emerged and on the opera scene. It would have been Enrico calling Mario my boy and not rue de mayo of Hollywood.
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A Dream & John McCormack
Posted on: 15-08-2015 14
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John McCormack recorded 'A Dream' and had a sort of echo effect that Caruso couldn't master (I can't hear it but obviously a trained singer could) Caruso and John were very good friends (Caruso once said that John could speak better Italian than he could !) Caruso spent many hours with his friend trying to master the effect he wanted but to no avail.
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RE: A Dream in English (reply to Alan Michael)
Posted on: 16-02-2014 10:32
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Yes, could well have been although some have voiced the idea that Mario was a reincarnation of Enrico....
Posted by:
Alan Michael
RE: RE: A Dream in English (reply to Alan Michael) (reply to Tom)
Posted on: 16-02-2014 21:26
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Wow! Yes the voices are very familiar in many ways. Mario had a wider but weaker vocal range from baritone through the tenor and alto top. Enrico initially a baritone but trained to sing tenor and still had some boy contralto top left to specially train in alto to reach some of those high notes. It was said that Mario once broke a branch off a chandelier at the end of the Celesta Aida Aria. Whilst Enrico would totally shake and do more damage to a whole chandelier. He was said to be the wind in the shutters. Enrico also loved the great Beniamino Gigli and would often present him with sheet music. Gigli had a vast wider vocal range like Mario and difficult to say which of the two were more powerful.