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Love Me or Not

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"Love Me or Not"
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• Recorded 29-01-1920 •

Song in English (Secchi, Antonio)

Date of recording: Thursday, 29/01/1920


Love me or not, love her I must or die;
Leave me or not, follow her needs must I.
O that her grace would my wished comforts give.
How rich in her, how happy should I live.

All my desire, all my delight should be
Her to enjoy, her to unite to me:
Envy should cease, her would I love alone:
Who loves by looks, is seldom true to one.

Could I enchant, and that it lawful were,
Her would I charm softly that none should hear.
But love enforced rarely yields firm content;
So would I love that neither should repent.

Lyrics by Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

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