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Luna d'estate (digital remastering)

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"Luna d'estate "
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• Recorded 05-02-1916 •

Song in Italian (Tosti, Paolo)

Date of recording: Saturday, 05/02/1916

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Luna D'estate
Posted on: 06-12-2011 15:14
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Mr. Froekjaer,
Your digitally remastered version of the 1916 recording of Luna D'estate seems tremendously successful, as if Mr. Caruso's singing were not so much enhanced as brought into focus. The peculiar quality of eloquent and poetic speech that is inherent in Caruso's singing is made more clear in this version.
The existence of these recordings is immensely valuable to people generally, and who knows how many in the future will learn from them. They teach the nature of beauty and of beauty in performance---but this performance of a seemingly simple, straight-forward popular song is a manifestation of performing genius in its shaping and in every unnoticed nuance. Thank you again.