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Biographies written about Caruso

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"Musette! O gioia della mia dimora!; Testta adorata"
(La Bohème - Leoncavallo, Ruggero)
• Recorded 19-11-1911 •
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Dorothy Caruso (his wife): "Wings of Song - The Story of Caruso" - click here to download as PDF (3.2 mb).

Dorothy Caruso: "Enrico Caruso - His Life and Death" -  may be bought at Amazon - click here.

The book can also be downloaded as PDF here (5.6 mb).

Enrico Caruso Jr (Caruso's "illegitimate" son): "Enrico Caruso: My Father and My Family" - may be bought at Amazon - Click here.

Enrico Caruso Jr: "Enrico Caruso: Aria Collections With Interpretations" - may be bought at Amazon - click here.

Pierre V. R. Key/Bruno Zirato: "Enrico Caruso - A Biography" - may be downloaded as PDF here (5.7 mb).

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Caruso about his performance:

"I know that I shall sing only a certain number of times. So I think to myself, "Tonight I will hold back my voice. I will save it a little and that will mean I may be able to sing a few more times." But when I go before the audience, when I hear the music and begin to sing, I cannot hold back. I give the best there is in me - I give all."