Biographies written about Caruso

Dorothy Caruso (his wife): "Wings of Song - The Story of Caruso" - click here to download as PDF (3.2 mb).

Dorothy Caruso: "Enrico Caruso - His Life and Death" -  may be bought at Amazon - click here.

The book can also be downloaded as PDF here (5.6 mb).

Enrico Caruso Jr (Caruso's "illegitimate" son): "Enrico Caruso: My Father and My Family" - may be bought at Amazon - Click here.

Enrico Caruso Jr: "Enrico Caruso: Aria Collections With Interpretations" - may be bought at Amazon - click here.

Pierre V. R. Key/Bruno Zirato: "Enrico Caruso - A Biography" - may be downloaded as PDF here (5.7 mb).

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"Il fior che avevi a me (La fleur que tu m'avis jetée. The Flower Song)"
(Carmen - Bizet, Georges)
• Recorded 27-02-1905 •
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Jan de Turovski :

"I am by now 72 years old. My grandfather told me about Caruso. That he heard him live in the Metropolitan Opera as Radames. That he could not sleep after that for some nights. That he decided to see and hear him again in that role because he thought to have dreamt. So he went to hear him once more. And that overwhelming experience lasted all his life."