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Download arias/songs part 1
Download arias/songs part 2
General Information & Biographical Material
Article about Caruso and his passion for cooking
Caruso and the 1906 Earthquake (Caruso's own account)
Caruso and the first celebrity trial of the 20th century
Enrico Caruso - Short Biography
Enrico Caruso and the Black Hand (blackmail of Caruso - article)
Enrico Caruso Biography
Enrico Caruso Museum in New York
Private homepage about Caruso
Short biography
The Enrico Caruso Page (private homepage)
The Voice of Caruso - Short Biography
Website in Spanish dedicated to Caruso
Links to Other Legendary Tenors
Beniamino Gigli biography (1890 - 1957)
Beniamino Gigli on
Franco Corelli biography (1921-2003)
Franco Corelli on
Fritz Wunderlich biography (1930-1966)
Fritz Wunderlich on
Giovanni Martinelli biography, etc. (1885-1969)
Giovanni Martinelli on
Giuseppe De Luca on
Giuseppe De Luca website (Italian and English)
Giuseppe Di Stefano biography (1921 - 2008)
Giuseppe Di Stefano on
John McCormack biography (1884 - 1945)
John McCormack on
Josef Schmidt biography (1904-1942)
Josef Schmidt on
Jussi Björling biography (1911-1960)
Jussi Björling on
Luciano Pavarotti biography (1935 - 2007)
Luciano Pavarotti on
Mario del Monaco biography (1915-1982)
Mario del Monaco on
Mario Lanza biography (1921 - 1959)
Mario Lanza on
Tito Schipa biography (1888 - 1965)
Tito Schipa on
Video/Audio on
Addio Napoli
Ave Maria
Belcanto - The Tenors of the 78 Era - Episode 1 Caruso
Caruso as actor
Caruso making faces - short film clip
Celeste Aida
Che Gelida Manina (uploaded to by myself)
Documentary on Caruso and the earthquake in San Franciso 1906
Documentary- Vesti la giubba
Domine Deus
E lucevan le stelle
Fenesta che lucive
Greatest Headlines - Enrico Caruso's funeral
Interview with the founder of The Enrico Caruso Museum
La Danza (Tarantella neapolitana)
La Donna e Mobile
Musica proibita
New York at the time of Caruso
O Sole Mio
Ombra mai fu (Händel's Largo)
Pagliacci No! Pagliaccio non son
Pecchè (neapolitanian song)
Santa Lucia
Tu, Ca Nun Chiagne
Una Furtiva Lagrima
Una Furtiva Lagrima (uploaded to by myself)
Vesti la giubba 1907